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Films in Progress

I am currently working on two related projects and one that's very different.

The first is a film in post production: Love and the Blues. It's a short feature, due to be released in Fall 2023, about a waitress named Angel and a gutiar player named Sam. I wrote it soon after the great Sam Shepard passed away, and clearly, there's a connection. 

Click here to see a teaser.

The second is a script for the sequel to Love & the Blues. It's called After Great Pain, and it reunites us with Angel five years later. Our plan is to fundraise this year then and shoot during the spring and summer of 2024.

Click here to read an excerpt.

The third, Ocean Dreams #1, is my initial effort in a series of multi-layered experimental meditations combining celluloid, digital, and audio -- for which I've been shooting and composing intermittently over the last five years or so.

Click here to screen it.

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